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ROCKTURANDO 26-MAYO-2013 English Version

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We have to be smarter than the defeated serpent; It does not make sense to tag or classify people by the music they listen. The Metal Music is important for us (an obsession for some people) but it does not mean everything in our lives, at least it is not the most important thing. We also have children and we have to take care of them.

We have fallen into the enemy’s beautiful temptation and we have started to forget what is behind this person who listens to Metal Music. Usually this point of reference is misunderstood and that is what is leading them to attack the Christianity, but sincerely, just a few of them are against Jesus Christ. We have to learn to ask the correct questions regarding to this, because nobody wakes up in the morning and just decide to be against Jesus Christ or Satanist.

Where are we failing in our missionary task?

First: We are not living for God genuinely.

We want all our Metal Folks to follow God, but that is a fake faith, just a lie, just a fashion. Most of the times the emphasis is on the events (Concert and many other activities) and the people is forgotten. A different experience of life, healthy and praising the Lord is what we are looking for and not just simple “exchange of t-shirt”. In other words a living faith not just a institution as a church (following Jesus in a Institution), like a company or something similar.

Second: We are the first accusers of our brother in battle. 

It does not matter what is happening, do not even the worst of the heresies can origin not to love to our theological enemies. The rule of this situation is loving without pretense, because after a time we can see the fruits that God wants to give us. It is simple, if you disagree with the theological point of view of your brother you have to respect it anyway, clearing the situation by facing both the points of view and keep going.

The church (place where you follow Jesus in a community) must not be a place where we kill our warriors.

Third: We are a minority

We have to understand that. We are not the dominant culture and our underground philosophy does not please everyone. Therefore we have to realize that the world does not rotate around us, and that involves our emotional traumas, social, politic  and economic marginalization, denominational exclusion, and finally a huge underground living context. We were called to be loyal at all cost and without complaining.

Forth: We have to be original and transparent.

Living a life with Jesus Christ like that is what really encourage others to follow the Master, realizing that they are following the Son of God and not a demagogic and inquisitor religion with a human soul, that is a mafia that smells like death.

Do you remember when disciples went to Jesus?

John 1:39 – Come a see!

Following Jesus every day and discovering where and how He lives,  it should be our most important priority if we are really interested on this Metal Ministry.

This blog does not reject any Metal head, nor the metal that does not offend God or its principles. We comprehend the human uncertainty that lead us to this transition of keeping  away from Jesus. We are honestly committed with the goal of demonstrating the love of God in a practical way to every single person. We are convinced that the most important thing  for us is to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and in that way we will relate with everybody without  judging them. We are not perfect and therefore we do not offer magical answers, but we trust that together we can solve the problems  that are also affecting  us all  in the same way.

We want to be like Jesus, And we want to follow him close.

Written by Koheleth Pereira

Translated by Daniel Vega